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PRESS RELEASE: Graphisoft celebrates 40 years of serving the AEC industry and unveils its vision and strategic roadmap to support customer success in the future

Press release -

PRESS RELEASE: Graphisoft celebrates 40 years of serving the AEC industry and unveils its vision and strategic roadmap to support customer success in the future

BUDAPEST, July 14, 2022 — Graphisoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions provider for architecture, today unveiled its vision and strategic roadmap at the global online launch of its latest solutions and services, including Archicad 26, its award-winning flagship product, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

Graphisoft was founded in Budapest in 1982 by Gábor Bojár and the late István Gábor Tari with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for delivering value through innovation.

Graphisoft released its first commercial software in 1984 – and right from the beginning with coordinated 2D and 3D, Archicad has driven industry innovation ever since. Its “Virtual Building” approach pioneered the road to what would many years later be called Building Information Modeling, or simply, “BIM.”

“As we mark Graphisoft’s 40th anniversary, we pause with gratitude to reflect on how far we have come — now as a global leader in our industry and serving users in more than 120 countries with 29 localized versions and millions of buildings designed with Archicad,” said Huw Roberts, CEO, Graphisoft. “But as proud as we are of our past, we are even more excited about our future. The entrepreneurial spirit that inspired our founders and fueled our growth continues to shape our approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities our customers face today. We remain focused on understanding our users, their needs and aspirations, and on delivering great products and services to help them achieve their best, and to create great architecture,” he added.

Graphisoft’s Vision, Mission, and Strategy

Graphisoft believes in a world where buildings make people’s lives better, and where these buildings are designed and delivered by digitalized multi-disciplinary teams working together easily and effectively.

To help realize the vision, Graphisoft’s mission is ‘Empowering teams to create great architecture.’ The strategy to fulfill that mission is to deliver exceptional software, with integrated services, knowledge and know-how, benefits, and support — so that architects and multi-disciplinary design teams can maximize their design excellence.

Graphisoft’s Roadmap to Continued Growth and Success

Graphisoft’s roadmap consists of multiple lanes — for architecture, multi-disciplinary design, design team collaboration, and productive ecosystems — each with plans for exciting new features, capabilities, and enhancements. Architecture remains focused on design, documentation, visualization, and collaboration. Upcoming focus areas and planned strategic milestones include:

  • Delivering capabilities that help architects stay focused on their design, through better management of information that increase efficiency across projects.
  • Providing innovative new capabilities that help manage and navigate an array of design options, through which architects can explore greater ‘what if’ scenarios within the design process.
  • Navigating designs with even greater speed and performance and working on highly crafted details — regardless of the scope or complexity of the project.
  • Expanding Archicad’s already powerful information layer to further integrate analysis and simulation into the design process.

Multi-disciplinary design starts with OPEN BIM and moves forward with Integrated Design, expanded this year with Graphisoft’s newly merged DDScad capabilities for Building Systems engineering. Upcoming focus areas and planned strategic milestones include:

  • Further integrate BIM data systems amongst disciplines.
  • Integrate data and workflows and broaden DDScad’s geographic reach.
  • Integrate user experiences across multi-disciplinary teams, with shared capabilities, aligned interfaces, and streamlined training and configuration.
  • Fully integrated MEP experience with DDScad, with updated interfaces and many shared capabilities.
  • Integrate enterprise-wide management of multi-disciplinary libraries, shared resources, templates, and standards.

Design Team Collaboration is centered around BIMcloud and BIMx, reaching out with OPEN BIM and BCF, and connecting to Common Data Environments (CDEs). Archicad users already have unmatched collaboration amongst themselves, and OPEN BIM and easy information exchanges make working alongside virtually any application and with any other team seamless. Upcoming focus areas and planned strategic milestones include:

  • Tighter integration across teams in multiple disciplines with new capabilities such as dynamic publishing of hyper-models, on-demand, cross-team, as a service — and extended connectivity with other CDEs.
  • Focus on dynamic management of teams and their information, and responsive integration with CDEs.
  • Support enterprise management of teams, multi-tiered and nested team structures, and orchestrating the administration processes across systems.

Finally, Graphisoft’s services and benefits ensure and maximize the productivity of Graphisoft’s users’ ecosystems — with the Graphisoft Forward service and benefits program, access to know-how through Graphisoft Learn, and sharing knowledge and best practices with peer users and experts through Graphisoft Community. Upcoming focus areas and planned strategic milestones include:

  • Simplify the administration of the design ecosystem — including enhancements to licensing and entitlement systems, product upgrade workflows, and expanded integration with third-party enhancements that extend Graphisoft’s product capabilities.
  • Deliver an ‘instant’ upgrade experience for customers — including templates, resources, configuration, and data formats.
  • In alignment with the Design Team Collaboration roadmap, provide enterprise management of all aspects of the design ecosystem.

Graphisoft also noted that its unique Adaptive Hybrid Framework technology architecture will enable faster and more nimble high-quality delivery of new capabilities, features, products, and services spanning the desktop, cloud services, and mobile devices beginning with Archicad 26.

“In short, our strategy is to apply continuous innovation through an Adaptive Hybrid Framework, to flexibly deliver great capabilities in stable, easy-to-use, future-proof solutions for all design disciplines in integrated teams,” said Zsolt Kerecsen, Vice President, Software Success at Graphisoft.

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Graphisoft — Key Milestones

1982 — Graphisoft is founded in Budapest by Gabor Bojar and Istvan Gabor Tari with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for delivering value through innovation.

1984 — Graphisoft releases its first commercial software – and right from the beginning with coordinated 2D and 3D, Archicad has driven industry innovation ever since. With the “Virtual Building” approach pioneering the road to what would later be called “BIM.”

1997 — Graphisoft introduces “Teamwork,” allowing multiple people to work on the same model simultaneously, and with “BIM Server” as its next-generation in 2009, and then “BIMcloud” in 2014 and most recently with “BIMcloud Software as a Service” in 2022, this technology continues to provide an incredible high-performance scalable solution for integrating BIM teams.

2009 — Graphisoft releases what would be called “Virtual Building Explorer” for Archicad 13. Updated and renamed “BIMx” in 2011, this introduced Graphisoft’s unique hyper-model approach, providing a highly engaging and interactive experience with BIM. Award-winning BIMx is now available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, the desktop, and even through a simple browser providing a Hyper-model experience for even the largest and most complex projects on virtually any device.

2020 — Graphisoft introduces “Integrated Design” — and first demonstrated this game-changing, shared-model, real-time collaboration approach for architects and structural engineers working together. This new technology-based workflow even more tightly integrates the work across multiple design disciplines. Today there are 16 different structural analysis software solutions using Integrated Design with Archicad around the world.

2022 — Graphisoft and Data Design System (now Graphisoft Building Systems) merge to add full Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing (MEP) capabilities to the Graphisoft ecosystem.

About Archicad
Design and deliver projects of any size with Archicad’s powerful built-in tools and user-friendly interface that make it the most efficient and intuitive BIM software on the market. Our award-winning software solution supports OPEN BIM for workflow transparency, longevity, and data accessibility for built assets. Featuring out-of-the-box design documentation, one-click publishing, photo-realistic rendering, and best-in-class analysis, Archicad lets you focus on what you do best: create great architecture. Discover what’s new in Archicad.

About BIMcloud
Secure, real-time multi-disciplinary collaboration between all project team members regardless of the size or complexity of the project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the internet connection. Available in both private and public cloud configurations on standard hardware. With BIMcloud SaaS even smaller offices can take advantage of fast, efficient, and secure access to shared projects in real-time. Discover BIMcloud.

About BIMx
Award-winning BIMx bridges the gap between the design studio, the client’s office, and the construction site. BIMx features the ‘BIM Hyper-model’ – a game-like navigation tool that helps anyone explore the building model and understand project deliverables. Real-time model cut-throughs, in-context measuring, and project markups in the model context make BIMx your best anywhere BIM companion. Discover BIMx.

About DDScad MEP
DDScad solutions support users with intelligent Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) design tools, integrated calculations, and comprehensive documentation of all building systems. Design and deliver high-quality MEP projects on time and on budget thanks to DDScad BIM software for engineers and contractors. Our products and solutions support OPEN BIM for workflow transparency, longevity, and data accessibility for built assets. Discover DDScad.

About Graphisoft Forward
Graphisoft Forward is a robust Software Services Agreement — our global response to the real-world demands of running a building design practice today. Maximize value and productivity while lowering the overall cost of software through exclusive tools, learning, support, and services. Product updates are included and guarantee that you’ll benefit from the latest innovations and capabilities instantly. Discover Graphisoft Forward.

About Graphisoft Learn
Graphisoft Learn is an innovative, modern, and flexible learning program that helps users get the most out of our products and services through individual courses, learning paths, and learning bundles specific to industry roles and responsibilities. Graduates of our online self-paced, hybrid, and live Learn programs receive globally recognized certification, further strengthening their competitive edge in the AEC industry. Discover Graphisoft Learn.

About Graphisoft Community
Graphisoft Community makes it fast and easy for Archicad, BIMcloud, BIMx, and DDScad users to share solutions and get expert help through a state-of-the-art, user-friendly experience that combines Archicad Talk and Help Center into one, easy-to-search resource. The platform offers fast, efficient support and search functions, and ensures quick feedback from peer users and Graphisoft experts. Discover Graphisoft Community.


About Graphisoft

Graphisoft® empowers teams to create great architecture, through award-winning software solutions, learning programs, and professional services for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Archicad®, the architects’ BIM software of choice, offers a complete end-to-end design and documentation workflow for architectural and integrated architectural and engineering practices of any size. BIMx®, the most popular mobile and web BIM app, extends the BIM experience to include all stakeholders in the building design, delivery, and operations lifecycle. BIMcloud®, the AEC industry’s first and most advanced cloud-based team collaboration solution, makes real-time collaboration possible across the globe regardless of the size of the project and the speed or quality of the team members’ network connection. DDScad’s intelligent Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) design tools, integrated calculations, and comprehensive documentation solutions combine great architecture with peak building performance. Graphisoft is part of the Nemetschek Group. To learn more visit


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